Completing your application

Completing your Application

Once you have completed your application, you will need to upload some documents. Please only provide information which is relevant to your circumstances. For details on how we use your data you can view our Privacy Statement.

To upload your documents, you will need to take a picture of the original or scan the documents. You can get help with the application at any of our Walsall Connected Hubs


All applicants need to provide: 

  • Proof of ID for all adults named on your application. Please note if you/or your partner are receiving Housing Benefit we can verify this directly and you do not need to provide proof, but you would need to provide proof for other adults in your household. (Passport, Birth Certificate or Driving licence).  

  • Proof of Immigration Status/EU settlement scheme certificate (if non-British/Irish national) if applicable.

  • Bank statement or child benefit letter dated within 3 months confirming children in household.

  • Proof of current address. Please note if you are named as a liable person on Council Tax within Walsall we can check this directly and you do not need to provide proof. (e.g. 1 piece of evidence such as: utility bill, benefit letter, bank/credit card statement) Must be dated within the last 3 months.   

  • Proof of pregnancy (MAT B1 certificate).  

  • If you have indicated you have medical or mobility issues we will contact you about what proof is required to support your application. 

  • Proof of need to give/receive medical care and support from a close family member within Walsall district (e.g. GP/medical letter, supporting letter from social worker). Please note childcare care or support is not an accepted criteria and is not accepted. 

  • Supporting documentation from a professional in relation to any risks in your current accommodation (e.g Social workers, Police, mental health team, Crisis/drug alcohol services etc.)    

  • Proof of local connection to Walsall Council (proof you have lived within Walsall district for the last two years, proof of close family members who are living in Walsall and have done so for the past 5 years (Please confirm your relationship to the close family member) or proof of employment in Walsall Council. For example: tenancy agreements, utility bills, bank statements, contract of employment showing requested residency period. Please note if you have been liable for Council Tax within Walsall for the requested residency period, we can check this directly and there is no need to provide evidence.   

Please Note: You may be asked to provide additional supporting documents or proofs depending on your circumstances so that your application can be assessed.

Once your completed application has been received, a Housing Allocations Officer will undertake an assessment of your application to determine:

  • If you are eligible to join the register.
  • If you qualify for an allocation of social housing.
  • The priority banding awarded to your household.
  • The number of bedrooms your household is entitled to.

The demand for social housing is greater than the number of properties we are able to nominate to. Joining the register may not result in you being housed quickly.

If you need any help with accessing the portal or need help with the application you can call us on 01922 650000 and select Option 7.