Does the Council own its own social housing stock?

No, the council does not own any council housing and has not done so since 2003. All the social and affordable rent homes in the borough are owned and managed by housing associations which there are a number of. You can find out more about housing associations in Walsall on our website. Our Access to Housing Booklet tells you about who is currently operating in the borough and what type and quantity of homes they own and manage.


What is the role of a Housing Association?

A Housing Association owns and/or manages social rented housing. Their aim is to meet local housing demand and provide good quality affordable homes. How long you have to wait for accommodation will depend on a variety of things such as ­your personal circumstances ­ or the type of property you need and the area you want to live in.  ­


What is Walsall Councils housing register?

The housing register is a waiting list of people who qualify for social housing. The households would need to be assessed to ensure they are eligible and meet the qualification criteria, as set in Walsall Council’s Allocations Policy.


What is Walsall Council’s Housing Allocation Scheme?

Walsall Council’s Allocations Policy sets out how we assess applications and how we prioritise people so we can help those in the most housing need by nominating them to a housing association.


How do I apply to join the Councils Housing Register?

You can apply online at: www.walsallhousingsolutions.co.uk


I do not have a computer / do not want to complete an online application. Can I complete a paper application?

No.  The application form is not available in paper format; all applications need to be completed online.  If you do not have access to a computer or have difficulty using one then a family member, friend or advocate may be able to help you.  Alternatively, you can seek assistance with accessing online services from the staff and volunteers in the Walsall Connected sites https://go.walsall.gov.uk/people-and-communities/walsall-connected-get-help-get-online


What documents will I need to support my application?

The evidence you will be expected to supply will vary depending on your circumstances. The basic evidence requested from all applicants is as below:

  • Proof of ID for yourself an all members of your household
  • 2 months’ bank statements for all bank accounts held by all members of the household
  • Proof of National Insurance number(s) for all members of the household
  • Proof of savings for all members of the household
  • Proof of medical conditions
  • Supporting letter(s) from agencies who are supporting you


If currently renting a property

  • A copy of your tenancy agreement
  • A copy of your most recent rent statement


       If you own your own property

  • Proof of ownership
  • Latest mortgage statement


      If children are a part of your household

  • Proof of child benefit
  • Supporting letters pertaining to specific needs of your child(ren)


Can I upload my documents after submitting my application?

Yes. You will have 28 days after submitting your application to upload your supporting documents through the customer portal. You will need to ensure that you do this. If your supporting documents are not uploaded after 28 then at the point of assessment your application will be closed. 


Can I bid on properties?

No. Walsall Council operates a direct match policy.


I am currently a tenant of a housing association; can I apply to join Walsall Councils Housing Register?

Yes. You can apply with the council and remain as a tenant with the housing associations too.


I am currently on a housing register with a housing association and not a tenant, will you honour my current banding?

Walsall Council has its own housing register and its own Allocations Policy. If you are on a Housing association register, you may also be able to join Walsall Councils if you meet our eligibility criteria. Housing registers are independent from each other and therefore you may receive different priorities on housing registers depending on the Allocations Policy of that organisation. There may be instances where you may be able to join the Councils register but not a housing association or there may be instances where you will be able to join a housing association register but not the councils.


I am currently on the whg housing register will you honour my current registration date?

  • Whg has contacted all applicants on their waiting list to seek consent to share their housing application data with the council.
  • For those who have already registered with whg and consented, the council will honour their most resent application date and applicants don’t need to register with us.
  • If applicants have not consented, they have up until the end of February 2024 to register with the council for their date to be protected.


I am over 55 years of age, what accommodation would I be eligible for?

If you are admitted onto the Housing Register you would be considered for General Need accommodation and age restricted over 55 accommodation. Our partner Housing Association have a number of schemes across the Borough for 55+ properties.  


What is general need accommodation?

General need accommodation is available to anyone who meets the eligibility with a range of property sizes suitable for singles, couples and families.


What is age restricted accommodation?

This is generally for people aged 55 and over and the active elderly and may include some shared amenities such as communal sitting areas and gardens. Sometimes depending on the housing association, the age restriction may be for those young than 55 too but this information will be available from the housing association. These property types may also have additional service charges in addition to the rent. This accommodation is sometimes referred to as sheltered accommodation.


Can I speak to someone about the status/progress of my application?

Yes. Our Housing Allocations Team are contactable via allocations@walsall.gov.uk and 01922 650000 option 7


What if I disagree with the decision you have made on my application?

You can request a Review of that decision. You must make your request, in writing within 21 days of the date on the decision letter. All review requests must be addressed to the Housing Allocations Team Leader at allocations@walsall.gov.uk